Take it Away!

Coming home from a late night at work and have no time to prepare dinner? Getting together to watch the game, or hosting a dinner party with friends? Our menu has a large variety! Just click, call, or come in, we'll deliver to your door step.

The Italian Way

Quality ingredients are key to making the best dishes. We offer an exquisite variety of flavorful options. We are proud of the lost art of hand tossed pizza and artistan pasta plates that were passed down to us for generations. We believe in the joy of dining and the pleasure it brings. Whether you have a 15 minute lunch break, gathering with friends and family, or a healthy meal after your workout, we're sure to accommodate any palate.


"Best Grandma pie ever! Seriously whenever I'm in the area I HAVE to get a pie! I don't live in the area but my friends do and whenever I'm at their place I always order it. It's garlicky thin to perfection and just overall perfectly seasoned! Had a pie last night and was (as usual) not disappointed! I highly recommend it if you're a fan of FLAVOR!"